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Inclusion works!

The Hotel Haus vom Guten Hirten is one of around 1,000 inclusive businesses in Germany with around 30,000 employees, of which around 13,600 are severely disabled (as of 2021).
Inclusion enterprises are companies in the general (primary) labour market. They are in competition with other companies. Inclusion companies are represented in a wide variety of sectors: from industrial manufacturing to services, trade, crafts, multimedia, IT companies and hotels and restaurants, as in the case of the “Haus vom Guten Hirten”.
What distinguishes us as an inclusive company is that we ensure the inclusive and equal participation of people with disabilities in working life. Market-oriented business with an inclusive core—this is the short positioning of our company.
The results report of the MehrWirkung study, published in May, examined the impact of inclusive enterprises and how this can be measured as social added value. Die Ergebnisse sind ebenso beeindruckend wie ermutigend. (The study and its results are available for download here).

1. social objective:
Decent work

  • Increasing physical health
  • Promoting mental health
  • Motivating, meaningful activity
  • Social integration

2. social objective:
meaningful customer relations

  • Acting for the common good in a non-profit legal form
  • Assuming social responsibility and acting as a role model
  • Benefit orientation and customer satisfaction for long-term customer relationships

3. social objective:
inclusive and sustainable society

  • Promoting self-reliance and independence from social benefits
  • Economic benefit through added value and relief for the social systems
  • Commitment to the realisation of inclusion, participation and destigmatisation

Page 34 from the short report of the “MehrWirkung” study (PDF download of the entire short report)

In summary, the most important finding of the impact study is that positive effects could be measured in all nine fields of the impact compass (see below the overview from page 35 of the study).

As part of the overall economic system, inclusive enterprises fulfil an important social function for all stakeholders. In order to promote this effect, the inclusion companies have joined forces in the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Inklusionsfirmen e.V. (Federal Association of Inclusion Companies), of which we, the Hotel Haus vom Guten Hirten, are also a member.

Conclusion: Inclusion works! We are proud to be part of this network—just like you as our guest.

Hotel Haus vom Guten Hirten
Mauritz-Lindenweg 61
48145 Münster – Germany
Phone +49 (0)251 3787-0
Fax +49 (0)251 3787-460
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The integration company Hotel Haus vom Guten Hirten is funded by the Stiftung Wohlfahrtspflege foundation of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (MAGS), the LWL, and Aktion Mensch.